Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Mirror

I just happened to run into Micheal's the other day. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular. I went clear to the back where they have all of their mirrors and saw this little beauty. This red, "ceiling tin" like mirror was originally $49.99 and you will never guess how much I paid for it!!! ONLY $4.99!!! HOLY MOLEY KA-JOLEY!!! I had to have it...I am just LOVING red accents and this matches perfectly with my red corner cabinet! My goodness, I just might have to consider calling my blog/house Red Cottage or Rusty Red Cottage or Red Rusty enough of that! But seriously, I love RED!!!

If you have a Micheal's you may want to consider going in and checking out their selection of mirrors. Almost every mirror was marked down $4.00 to $10.00! I am debating on whether to go back for the big white one that has the same tin design as this one. Hmmmmm......

Oh, and...that lamp.......that is new too. Hobby Lobby had their lamps 50% off last week. Do you see that the shade is brown (to match the couch) and the base is red? Oh yes, it was mine from the moment we said "hello".

I am doing really well with the "brown and red" thing in my living I just need to work on the light, creamy, warm yellows! Any ideas of how I could incorporate that? I still like the idea of floral tole trays as wall decor (see "brown and red" post)...if you happen to see one online or have one that you want to sell that has warm yellows and maybe a bit of red...please let me know. Thanks!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

What a great deal!! It looks great, too. I was in Michael's the other day and all their baskets were 90% off! You can find some great things there!


Angie said...

Awesome deal! If you've ever looked at my blog then you know I LOVE red too! It is so fun when you find the perfect accessories to add to your decor, and even better when they are cheap! Can't wait to see more of your red accents!

Nicol said...

Super cute mirror! I love great deals!

kate said...

The mirror is such a steal!

Thanks for entering the giveawy! Good luck!

Rosemary said...

Now that is a great deal!!
I love it!