Friday, June 20, 2008

Living Room Inspiration - Help me

I love the idea of vintage, floral serving trays as wall decor.

This kitchen just seems so warm.

I am crazy about all the different patterns: stripes, solids, florals.
I picked up a couple of magazines at the grocery store last night: "Cottage Style" and "Cottages and Bungalows". I am pretty sure I have found the colors that I at least want to do in my living room. I love the look of warm yellow and a slightly deeper red. I am thinking the yellow on the walls and then red accents. My only concern you think that those two colors will go well with our brown microsuede sofa?

I also love a yellow color in the kitchen. It makes it seem so cheerful but also warm and inviting.


Eva said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for coming by Cornflower Cottage. I also love red and yellow. I think you could make your sofa color work with those colors or you could check out some sofa covers. I love your blog and look forward to checking back. Take care!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I think it will work, especially if you have wood furniture because the brown will blend with that. If you are using red and yellow, you should be able to find some great inspiration from Cherry Hill Cottage and Daisy Cottage blogs. They are the queens of red and yellow!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Create the space you love ...worry about the couch later!

M ^..^


Hi Anna, I saw you over at Romantic Home and your name Rustic Cottage caught my eye, so I thought I'd come over for a visit! I agree with Cindy, you have to go visit Cherry HIll and Daisy Cottage, I love their blogs. Your couch will blend in fine especially with lots of cottage pillows thrown on it! Sounds like you have a big project there but I love projects and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it and make it into "├┐our" house. Stop by and visit me sometime!

Anna said...

Thanks for all of your help. Cherry Hill and Daisy Cottages were the first two blogs I found on here and actually one of the main inspirations for blogging about our cottage. Those two ladies are very gifted and inspiring. Again, thank you for your input.

daisy cottage said...

Hi Sweet Anna!
YES - they will go beautifully with your sofa... promise, promise! I have alot of brown in my "granny room"; brown leather recliner, brownish sofa, brown wicker chair, and lots of red and yellow as you know! ;-) Start playing and have fun!
Kim said...

Yes, I do think those colors will work, especially if you have throw pillows and a colorful quilt on the couch to pick up the reds and yellow.

Jackie said...

Hi Anna! This is the first time to your site. First off, I love the pic of you! Adorable, u r. I think the yellow and red will be just fine with the brown furniture.
Hint: If you are in doubt go to Michaels or any craft store close to you and pick up a color wheel! The color wheel is like the Decorator's Bible!
Blessings and Best of Luck With your Cottage Re Do!

Heather said...

First time on your blog- I saw your comment while at Romantic Home. I love the name Rusty Cottage! And I just know you are going to polish it into a beautiful gem!
Looking forward to following your journey!
I think the red and yellow will be great with the brown! I have a khaki colored slipcovered sofa from Ikea and have done reds and yellows- I was hesitant at first but I love it! By looking at the pictures you have chosen as inspiration you obviously have good taste so you will be fine!!
Have a great day!
~Heather :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I found your page while searching for more ideas for my living room. The crazy thing is, I've have those EXACT sample pages tacked to my studio wall for inspiration, so I felt compelled to repsond!

I have a double sized living room and to make it feel coaier, I've painted one side red and the other a butter yellow. The curtains are a cream and red toile to soften the red wall and incorporate an easy way to blend my taupe-ish furniture without having to bring in too much dark non-wood brown. I have brown hardwood floors that pull it all together, but a multitone rug would work well too.

Go for the red and yellow. It's lovely to look at and very peaceful to live in!

Good luck!

Jo, with her first EVER blog repsonse!