Monday, August 25, 2008

Return to Blogland and Inspiration Photos

I'm back!!!!!!!!

Wish I could say the week went as productively and smoothly as I had hoped but it didn't. I did get a couple of things done. Overall it was a good week but ended kind of poorly. We spent a couple of hours in the ER yesterday. Addison had a fever of 103.5 on Saturday and then when she woke up Sunday she was screaming A LOT and was not acting like herself at all. She acted like she was in pain. We missed the open hours at Urgent Care by about 20 minutes so our only option was the ER. Come to find out her little body is just fighting off a small virus that can't be treated. They just said to alternate infant Tylenol with infant Ibuprofen. When she woke up this morning she was pretty much back to being her happy, cheerful, "yes I am a morning person" self :o). Thank the Lord! I hate seeing my baby like that.
Yes, I did finish that cabinet project that I was telling you about and I cannot wait to show you the pictures. I remembered to take "before" pictures so you can see how ugly it was. I have already received several compliments from friends and family.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Addy is not even 2 yet but I am already thinking about how I will decorate her "big girl" room. While over at Rate My Space I spotted a truly inspirational room. I have been pondering over the colors and so forth to use in her room at the cottage. Dilemma solved! Pink and green...I love pink and green! And it won't just be one shade of pink and one shade of green...all different complimenting shades of pink and green will work (no, that does not include hot pink and hot green...geez...what kind of decorator do you think I am?).

Love, love, love that curtain!!!

I missed all of you. I hope last week was a good week for you and that you had a wonderful Monday today! I hope to post the cabinet photos tomorrow! Until then, ta ta!


Kim's Treasures said...

Welcome back!!! So glad your daughter is feeling better! Poor thing! Love your inspiration picture! My daughter has her room like this and she is 20. Green walls and pink bedding, ivory furniture and cottage accents. Love it!
Have a great day!

This simple Life said...

I think that inspiration room is beautiful.

Glade your baby wasn't ill for too long.

Rachel said...

Oh I'm glad Addison is feeling better that is always so scary. I am in love with that little girl bedroom. How sweet is that! Love it.


Rosemary said...

Glad your baby is doing a bit better. So sad when they aren't feeling well.
That room you picked out is amazing.
I love those colors together.

Layla said...

Happy to hear all is well in your world. :-)
I SO love those pics of that room. It's PERFECT for a little girl...take that inspiration and run with it!

The Lettered Cottage

Donna Lynn said...

Hi there!
So glad your back! It was fun to look at this inspiration room, love the colors and the bolster pillow at the foot of the bed, HOLY COW that is beautiful! So sorry your little girl was sick, hope she is feeling better now and on the mend...
Donna Lynn

Victoria Lynn said...

Welcome back. Good to hear your baby girl is feeling better. Love that bedroom-the pink and green is divine!

God's Girl said...

What a beautiful room. I think it is a perfect inspiration.

All for Jesus,