Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Went

This past weekend we packed up our things (which turned out to be waaaay more than I expected) and drove a short 20 minutes North to Savannah, MO to house sit for my grandparents. It was a lot like a little vacation for us (that involved feeding 4 animals and watering about 30 plants), that was way too short. My Grandmother has good taste in decorating so I thought I would share a few photos of their home. She changes decor like its going out of style. She is a BIG holiday decorator too. If there is a holiday coming up then her house is decorated for it. I love her house though, so warm and so inviting.

Master Bedroom

Neat old lamp
Not sure about the story behind it, but I am going to find out.


She recently purchased this lamp at Hobby Lobby.
It goes nicely in their room.

(I love that lamp too, more pics below)

Oh, now lookie here, who is that peaking behind the berries on the mantel.
Why, that's Addy and her mommy!
(Addison was 4 months in that picture, I miss her being so little.)

Can you see the sweet little birdie on the lamp?

Dining Room
(She gets a lot of decor pieces from Pier 1)

Cozy little reading area near the staircase.
Love it!

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Have a fantastic Tuesday!
Hugs to you!
~ Anna


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Your Grandmother uses such warm colors in her decorating! And judging by the woodwork, the house looks like it is a treasure in itself. I hope you had a fun time going "over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother's house".
P.S. Addy is precious :0) They grow way to fast!

Blissful Nikki said...

What a beautiful home your Grandmother has! I love her colors and all of her accents are so warm and cozy! I could totally see sitting in that chair, reading a good book into all hours of the night.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love your Grandmother's house! It is so pretty and so cozy. I think my favorite place to sit would be the chair by the stairs. Just wonderful!!!

Addy is precious and I love the photo of the two of you. Too cute!!!!!!!!!