Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why Rusty Cottage?

As stated in my first post, my husband and I recently "inherited" his parent's house. When we tell people that we inherited a house its always the same reaction, "Wow, that's awesome. No house payment. No worries." And then I proceed to tell them, with the biggest understatement of the year, "Yeah, but it needs work." When I say work, I mean ceilings, walls, floors and a complete bathroom overhaul. Being the optimistic person that I am, I see potential and a cute house at the end of it all. The house isn't big by any means, but it is a great first home for us. The yard is gorgeous and lush; I can definitely picture lots and lots of flowers and at least one garden. A beautiful creek runs along side the property but is well "leveed" to keep our daughter from any mishaps. As a child John played in that very same creek and has many fond memories. It means so much to him that his child will be raised in the same house.

The house has a single floor for living space and a large room upstairs primarily for storage. It could be a room, however, we need the storage, plus the only entrance to it is outside and up a flight of stairs. In the back yard is an adorable shed that my father-in-law has used as his "work area" for many years. He is an avid artist; mostly wood burnings and drawings. If our budget allows, I would love to do a little to it as well...at least paint it. My father-in-law requested that he still be able to use the shed and of course we agreed. So for now, that part of the property is still his.

I have so many ideas about what to do with the house. Being that I am fresh from the college scene, I have lived in my fair share of "stark white-walled" places. Growing up my parents weren't much on color either, so I have pretty much lived around white walls my entire life. In fact, the walls around me now are white. We are currently renting and painting isn't an option. So, if you can imagine, I will be painting the walls in this house a color other than white. I have recently "fell in love" with how cozy and inviting cottage decorating is. In all the definitions that I have researched, one common word is present for cottage: small. This house is definitely small and it has a sort of cottage look to it, therefore, it will be our little cottage.

I also have a love for old, rustic things: old wood furniture, decor items that look old, antiques, old buttons, old keys, old books, etc. The house is definitely old (as well as just about everything in it). I love the look of cottage country decor with its rustic charm and cozy welcoming. If something is rusty then you can bet that it is old. Yet, I like to try and see that "something" as charming and cozy in its own unique way. And I like to think that our Rusty (old) Cottage will be just that: charming and cozy.

I will be posting "before" pictures soon.

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Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I look forward to hearing about your remodeling and redecorating journey. It sounds like you have a wonderful place with good bones. I bet you are going to make it the coziest cottage ever.

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