Monday, September 15, 2008

My connection to Bruce Willis...and then some

A few weeks ago I was tagged by a fellow bloganista with one of those surveys that has you list several quirky or unknown things about you. I feel extremely horrible because I can't even remember who it was nor can I find the email from her in my inbox. (I know you are out there...please let me know it was you and I will update this post with a link to your blog.)

These types of things are really difficult for me to think of. I mean, I know that there are quirky things about me, but since I do them on a regular basis they don't seem so quirky. is my list of not only quirky things about me, but also just some facts.

1. When I was about 12 years old I rode is Bruce Willis' vehicle. It was a nice, black Bronco (or something similar). How? Why? You ask? Well, my Uncle is a model/actor in L.A and was driving Bruce's vehicle from New York to L.A. for him. My Uncle stopped in Missouri to see us on his way out to Cali.

My Uncle's first commercial was with a new, young actress named Julia Roberts, you might know of her. He also appeared in a few other television shows throughout his acting career including Thirty Something and The Young Riders. Stephen Baldwin had a regular role on The Young Riders. My Uncle was good friends with him at the time...not sure if they still talk or not. My Uncle doesn't really talk about "the celebrities" all that much...he says they are just people. So anyway......that's my connection to fame. Do you have a connection to fame? Please do tell!

Every night before I lie my daughter down in her crib we sing the song Jesus Loves Me and then I say a prayer with her. We also do this at nap time. We have been doing this since she was 8 months old (she is now 16 1/2 months). My mother did something very similar with us and I plan to keep that tradition. It just doesn't seem right not to. It also helps Addy to know that it is time to go to sleep.

3. I LOVE crushed ice! I could chomp on it all day. Sonic's ice is awesome...perfectly small and "crushable" squares. The hospital where I had Addy had the best ice I've ever had. It wasn't in cubes or anything, it was more like shaved ice.

4. My husband and I met on a blind date in January 2002. He was my first kiss! I am proud to say that I have never kissed another man.

5. I cannot stand people chewing loudly or "smacking their gums". It drives me crazy!!! I also cannot stand someone coming up behind me and taping my shoulder or arm repeatedly...that drives me even more CRAZY!!!

6. When I was fourteen years old I witnessed the birth of my younger sister (who is now ten). It was an amazing event in my life and I will never forget it. If you are looking for a way to encourage your daughter to practice abstinence, then I suggest letting them sit in on a birth :o)

7. The toilet paper flap must be on top. If it is not, I must change it immediately!

8. I don't like wearing socks or shoes. I would love to live in Hawaii; I hear that a lot of people go barefoot there.

9. I am extremely scared of tornadoes and literally get sick to my stomach when I know that one could be coming. There is a reason for my fear...when I was ten-years-old a friend of mine was on vacation in Georgia and a tornado hit. I never saw her again.

10. Clearly Canadian is one of my all time favorite drinks. However, I can no longer find it anywhere. My father used to bring them home to us kids when we were younger. I miss those days. Do you remember it? Do you have it where you live?

11. Ever since Super Nanny came out I have had close to a dozen people tell me that I look like her. One day I had my hair pulled up, my glasses on and I was wearing a purple button up shirt (she always wears purple) and this random guy comes up to me to shake my hand and says "Super Nanny" and then proceeded to laugh. Yea, OK.

12. A baby's laugh is one of the sweetest sounds to me. I love tickling Addison just to hear her laugh.

Wow! This took me entirely way too long to complete. And I am thinking that I didn't have to have that many...did I? Oh well.

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Melinda said... was me that tagged you! ha. Please don't bother to reference me, I just enjoyed reading your tag! :)