Thursday, August 7, 2008

Huge House, Partial Tour

Today I am going to give you a partial tour of a friend's beautiful home. They live on one of the most beautiful streets in our town. This house is big, but they have an excuse...they have 12 children (and no they are not Catholic or Mormon...they are Christians [no offense intended]). Six of the children are out of the home now. They are always so gracious in wanting to have our family over and they have plenty of room for it. I really like a lot of their furniture and how she decorates. So won't you join me on a quick, partial tour (I wasn't able to take pictures of all rooms because kiddos hadn't cleaned up their messes and so forth.)

This is the view from the street. Love the iron fence!

Coming up their long driveway

Closer view (side/front)

Back (where we enter)

Back and pool
(the round part is the family room/den)

One of the many rooms
She collects dolls and this is the room that they live in :o)

More dolls

Sweetest little "hideout" for children.
I would have loved something like this as a child.

Little Girl's Room

Little Girl's Closet

Little Girl's Huge Bed
(2 girls sleep here)

How the little girls get up into their huge bed :o)

In the Master Bedroom

Master Again

Just a little area outside of the office.

Outside of the office

Sitting room
(don't mind the blanket over there on the left)

I love this lamp.

Oh my, now who could that be? It's my little "walker" Addy!
Little Sunshine is walking all over now.

I love, love, love the office!

Office again

This is also in the office. When the children misbehave they are sent to Daddy in his office and must sit on this massive chair. He reprimands them along with a scripture reading that corresponds. I admire this!

In the office as well.
This type of statue is popular here in our city because this is where the Pony Express began. The stable is still standing and has now been turned into a museum. (OK, that's my plug for my town!)

This is more of the sitting room.
Out of order I know, but I don't feel like changing it, bleh.

Sitting room

This is the den. The TV is in that cabinet.


Part of the dining room

Foyer, & staircase from the dining room

Foyer looking into sitting room

Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a beautiful day. We finally have a break from the heat here in Missouri. Hope you do too!

Hugs, Anna


Nicol said...

Beautiful! I love the furniture! That is totally my style! Thanks for the tour!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

That house looks enormous! I see she likes victorian. I love victorian. The house on the outside, looks like, hmmm, tudor style perhaps? I love houses with character.

ABOUT ME said...

Hi! Well, I've passed the Brillante Weblog Award onto you, and I see you've already won it. I guess you're a winner two times then! Love your blog. Take care. Di

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a gorgeous home - well, more of a manor!! Ok, I have one question....How does a family with that many children keep the house looking so tidy? Your friend's home is wonderful and I love her antiques. Thank you - and thank your friend - for sharing with all of us. It looks like it should be in Europe!


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

WOW! That is one huge house. And it's filled with beautiful furniture. And more importantly, it sounds like it's filled with a wonderful, very blessed family.
Patricia :o)

Rhea said...

What an incredible house! Beautifully decorated and landscaped. It doesn't look like 12 children lived there at some point. Amazing.

My favorites were the office and the den (any room with tons of windows). I liked the huge timeout chair too. Neat tour! thanks!