Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

I hope all of you have a wonderful Fourth of July! Since I have tomorrow off I am going to try and see if there are any garage sales open tomorrow. If not I will be hitting the local decorator's gallery (so fun) and antique mall. Saturday we are celebrating our nephew's 5th birthday up in the town where our cottage is at. So we might try to sneak in a little bit of work. But for the most part looks like another weekend that work won't be done at Rusty Cottage :( This is turning out to be a long and drawn out process. But in due time it will be ready for our little family to move in.

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On another note...
Last night was crazy! If any of you live in this area or east of Missouri then you know what I am talking about. That storm came so fast! I went to look outside at the clouds and the next thing I know I am hearing the tornado sirens. I ran inside to turn to our local channel and they are flashing Tornado Warning on the screen and telling everyone to seek shelter immediately. Addison was already sleeping so I had to wake her up. The poor thing didn't know what was going on. All of my siblings were here because my parent's were in Kansas City. So I had my sister Amanda and her newborn baby boy (I love being an Aunt) here as well as my 18 year old sister, my 10 year old sister and my 5 year old brother. Whew! I grabbed the mattress off of our bed, the weather radio, candles, matches, blankets, pillows and Addison and told everyone to get in the bathtub. Yeah right! There was just no way that we were all going to fit. Luckily the sirens turned off very quickly after that and we were able to emerge from the bathroom. I hate storms with a passion! And I hate not having a basement, here at our rental, even more.


The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hiya Anna! Thank you for popping in! We are about an hour west of St. Louis. We have been to St. Joe on an anniversary trip. We stayed at the Museum Hill Bed and Breakfast. St. Joe is very bittersweet. It just breaks my heart to see all of those dilapidated homes in need of love and repair. I'm anxious to see your cottage!
Your daughter is a doll, and I really wanna big handfull of that party mix!!
Have a great 4th!

Mrs.RGS said...

I rescued Hubs from Jefferson City Missouri when I married him and brought him to the west coast. We've been back visiting relatives during those storms and they are scary indeed. Sounds like you have a great many things to do tomorrow. We're off to watch a parade and they relax the rest of the day. Hope you find some good bargains! Happy 4th.

Teresa Sheeley ~ French Poppy said...


Hope you had a wonderful 4th! I am going to make your snack you had listed below, yum, that will hit the spot when I need to crab something! :)


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

OMGosh! I cannot imagine living with that kind of threat. I'm glad everyone is okay and that no twisters came to close to you. How very scary!