Monday, June 23, 2008

More Inspirtion + Your Opinions Needed

We weren't able to work on the house Saturday but we worked almost the entire day Sunday. I hate missing church but since the house is in a different town (40 minutes away) and we can only work the weekends, it seemed necessary.

Sunday was an exhausting day! I am having a garage sale this coming Saturday with a friend and had to get as much stuff out of that house as possible to sell. Needless to say, we came home with 5 totes full of stuff as well as 4 industrial size trash bags...Guess what I get to do in my spare time this week??? Yep, I will be marking them for the sale. We need all the $ we can get to fund this project.

Last week I was looking through a lot of Kim's photos over at Daisy Cottage and fell in love with this color of green that she has on the bedroom wall. I haven't asked her yet what color it is...she may have it posted on her blog...I'll have to check on that. I don't even necessarily need the exact color, I just like the idea of green in our bedroom. I asked her if she would mind if I shared them with my readers and she was very kind and said no problem at all. Kim is such a sweetheart!

I also saw this great little side table that she painted and loved it. I believe that she said it came from a garage sale. I am going to really have to hit those garage sales and thrift stores. With a little paint you can turn just about any piece of furniture into a usable piece for your cottage. And it's fun too!

Your Opinions Needed...Perty Please :)

1. If I go with a green in our bedroom do you think that a black frame bed will look bad? Our bed has a black iron type head and footboard with scroll like designs. I could always paint it but I am not sure how well that would turn out. Wouldn't I have to use a spray paint or something? It just might be worth it to buy new. What do you think?

2. Our daughter, Addison, is 14 months. I need help with ideas for wall color and decor for her room. I am all about "girly-girl" for her but I don't think I want to go with pink on the walls. I am fairly new to cottage decorating and haven't seen a lot of ideas for a little girl's room.
I really appreciate your advice. I hope you have all had a great Monday. I also came back from the house with a lot of BEAUTIFUL dishes. I will be taking pictures of them and will post soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!
I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog ~ what an exciting project! I'm looking forward to getting to see and read about your progress.
Sherwin Williams makes a beautiful shade of green called "DRIED FAVA" which looks a lot like the color in your picture. (I have it in my livingroom). Anyway a black iron scroll headboard looks great with a sagey green. I have many black iron accents such as plant stands and a bench which look very nice with the green walls. The beautiful thing about the green walls is that oak furnishings look great with them, as well as white trim and doors, so you can go either way.
Addison is a doll!! Miss Kiki is beautiful too!
Best Wishes,

Cottage Way of Life said...

That green is lovely and it will look very nice with a black headboard. If you decide to paint the bed though it's a snap (a deep chocolate brown would look pretty against the green too). Just get Painter's Touch spray paint made by Rust-Oleum. I use that brand of paint whenever I need to paint something and it's great. Comes in a ton of colors too.

As for your daughter's room ... I saw a thing on the TV (can't remember what show it was) where they did a little girl's room and they painted it the same shade of green you're looking at for your room. Then, they stenciled vertical rows of dots in creamy whites and warm (almost salmon) pinks. The dots were largish dots, say 4" in diameter and there weren't tons of rows of dots so the room didn't look like a polka dot festival. But rather, it read as a very playful and yet sophisticated look. The room was decorated with antique toys and Babar elephants. My description isn't doing it justice, but it was very charming and adorable and not your typical little girl's room.

Have fun with your decorating!

-Sue said...

You can paint just about anything if you prime it well first. Bonding Primer is what is important to look for, Zinzer has a spray can of it at Home Depot. and spray will be easier than a brush if your bed is scrolly.

Good luck- great greens! Kim has such wonderful taste.

Melissa said...

Hey Anna, you and i have the same taste! our house is done is a cottage country theme. One of my favorite things is bead-board. If you are looking to do something in addison's room or a bathroom i reccomend it! Even doing a paint effect like it on the wall. That green is a great choice for wall color as long as there is good light coming in the room. hey if you are out looking at garage sales, look for and old wooden head board. they are fun to either crackle paint or age( you get to bean it with chains!) and depending on how big the room is you may want to skip the footboard and put something like a chase or a small seating bench at the end of the bed. hope you like the ideas.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Anna, I have a metal bed with scrolls and I've painted it several times. I used regular latex but it can scrape off if you're not careful. Since I love the old shabby look the few places where this happened just adds to the patina, so I don't mind. But if I were to paint it again, I'd definiteley go the spray paint route...MUCH less tedious and the paint will adhere better since it's oil based.


Mrs.RGS said...

Anna, the black would look great against that green. I'd leave it at first and then paint it if you really wanted to change it. Painting is not hard. Priming is essential and Rust-Oleum would be my choice here too.
I can't help you with your daughter's room. My dd was never a girly girl and her room was decorated with horses not frills. I'd have to think for a long time before I could plan a girl's room (smile).

Kim said...

We have an iron bed that we spray painted and it came out lovely. Also for your daughters room what about a rosey/purple Victorian paint. We used this in our livingroom with a green trim 9almost the same green you are looking at for your room) and everyone loves it. It has such a warm and cozy feel friends have even said the room seems to invite you in to rest and relax a while. Since this was the effect we wanted it has been good to hear from so many (without us even asking.)

Traci said...

Hi Anna....we used that color in my daughter's room. It was Anchor paint and it was called prairie grass. I can't wait to see are doing a great job on your blog.